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Video SEO Optimization for 1st page results Results.  

Your SEO campaigns need to get top placement. But how?

Search engines love video.  If your company isn't producing video for its content marketing efforts, then you are falling behind.

Consumers are watching more video today than ever.  On their PC's, tablets and yes, even their smartphones.  Video is pervasive and engaging.

We have uncovered a patented technology that puts your video's at the top of Google, Bing and almost every other major search engine's results.  They already work with Fortune 500 organizations to get their search engine results to the top of the page, using their patented technology and techniques.  Companies such as Procter & Gamble, Carnival Cruise Lines, VW, UPS, Macy's and more are seeing lower overall SEO costs when using this technology to dominate high trafficked keywords.

Watch a live example of how the technology works...

More Volume - Better Quality Clicks

The vendor uses it's proprietary technology to take your video and make then score in top positions.  The search results are based on three word or more phrases.  Exactly what you want when assessing sentiment and intent.

The results are highly visible, and don't get lost like PPC or Organic placements.  Users see the video image in the result.

Video SEO Search Listings return Higher Conversions

Video SEO Results are more effective at gaining users attention.

Increase Conversions

Think you don't need video is your marketing?  Here's where you have you head in the sand.

  • ComScore reported that 50% or more of tablet users watched video content this year, compared to only 20% of smartphones users.
  • eMarketer is forecasting double-digit growth of video consumption among smartphones, a 22% increase in 2012 to 70.8 million users.
  • has released quantifying numbers by category on the increase video had on conversion rates (CVR).  The numbers speak for themselves.

Video SEO increases conversion rates for almost all segments of ecommerce.
Ecommerce Video Conversion Rate increases across verticals

Target Your Competition

The age of video is upon us.  Using video to dominate search engine results can be used by eRetailers, Brands, Publishers, Agencies and Networks alike.  In fact, you can even use the video search engine results to target your competition and reduce buyer attrition.

Watch this video to see how one car dealer is cleaning up against competitors...

Lower Your Overall PPC Costs

Are your PPC costs skyrocketing and failing to return a high EPC? As the person charged with making SEO work, it is always a struggle to compete for more budget for either SEO or PPC. Hereís how you can get a larger slice of the SEM budget pie.  

You already know that 85% of people click on organic ads versus paid ads, and that only 10% of searches are made with commercial intent, so why not get the most bang for the buck you can by dominating organic results with results that get clicked on in the 1st page, 1st position.  

By using video SEO, you can reduce the amount of spend on PPC terms and almost guarantee that your PPC spend will be significantly reduced. When video SEO results are present on the page, users are more likely to click on the video clip instead of a paid advertisement. The heatmap above clearly shows that eyeballs (and clicks) are attracted to the image and not a standard paid placement.  

In terms of increased results, video SEO has a decided advantage over text only ads or organic results. This comes in the form of a higher engagement value. Videos that are 30 to 60 seconds and provide solid information along with a tacit pitch to take action outperform typical landing page funnels. Videos can also be produced at a minimal cost that contain call outs to visit a website or click the link below the video to go to more videos, a landing page, lead generation form, or wherever the advertiser wants the user to go. In the near future, users will simply click on the video and be taken to a link.  

I work with advertisers to help them hone their sales funnels, and time after time, video produces a much greater engagement and user desire to learn more. The best strategies help the user continue what they were searching for, and also delivers value added information along the way that makes it easy for the user to see why your product or service is superior.  

SEO is all about answering questions. The video SEO solution I have outlined makes it easier to be relevant and useful to the end user in getting their questions answered and building a relationship with them quickly. A well produced video instills positive brand images and puts your solution in the userís head. All while being able to reduce PPC spend, boost SEO spending and ultimately deliver better ROAS.  

Limited Verticals

Since this is SEO, they only work with one vertical advertiser or one advertiser in a geographic region.  This means that you can lock up specific verticals and shut out your competition.  The spots are not sitting still, so get in touch so we can get you the results you need to make your ROAS look rosier.

How Do You Get Started?

This is the simple part, schedule a demo of the service.  Once you do you will have all your questions answered.  Use the form below to send me an email to get a time that works for you to show you the technology and the results your product or service can achieve using video SEO.

Once you do decide this is for you, all that is required is to get a sample of the keywords you are using, and then any video you have.  Not to worry, if you don't have video, it can be produced at a very low cost.

Remember, this is 100% White hat, no chicanery or trickery.  Just plain old hard work.  Your Account Manager works with the team to daily optimize your listings so they remain at the top of the results.  Your videos are sent to every major online and mobile video outlet and the relevance between the videos and the search terms is tweaked on a daily basis.

You really cannot do this in-house consistently.  The company has been operational for 9 years and has never had any issues with Google nor are the results affected by algorithm changes such as Panda and Penguin.

Schedule a demo today and see how you can dominate SEO results with video placements.

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Are you an agency looking for additional revenue from existing clients?  You can offer this proprietary solution to your new and existing clients and boost your revenue significantly.  The best part, most of the work is done for you.  Please contact me today to learn about Reseller Opportunities.

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